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Ethical harvesting practices and natural smoking methods





We provide Apatu Aqua fresh and smoked seafood to the best restaurants, cafés, delicatessens and supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

All seafood is caught and processed in its raw state, delivered fresh to you anywhere in New Zealand. All product is created organically by Mother Nature herself!

Our Apatu Aqua product range includes salmon, kingfish, marlin, roe, snapper, trevally, mullet, eel, kina and scallops.

Nationwide delivery is by same day courier or overnight if you are situated a little further away. Wholesale supplies can be sent to supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and other retail outlets around NZ. You can purchase through this website or by phone, email, fax or from our retail shop in Coopers Beach.

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Try our smoked fish flaked on a salad, on platters, in pasta, chowder or pies.


Patés taste delicious on crostini, crackers and freshly baked bread or as a dip with celery, carrots and capsicum.


Delicate smoked eel and kingfish are a striking contrast on a seafood platter.


We also offer a professional service for smoking and vacuum packing your fish for you … no fish too big or small. We can freight chilled to your destination.

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The secret to our great-tasting kai moana? Minimal intervention. Fresh and natural is best, no doubt about it: 100% natural, 100% preservative-free, 100% aotearoa, New Zealand.

We can cater for your tastebuds and your budget – from loose smoked products such as kahawai and mullet, to premium smoked marlin, salmon and eel. Your heart will thank you too … our seafood products are naturally low in fat and high in protein and omega-3.

Gurnard, terakihi, trevally and snapper is caught by Hamish using the sustainable longline fishing method so that we care for our resource, whilst ensuring premium export quality fish. Eels are harvested from our Northland rivers and streams, cleaned and vacuum-packed for your convenience.


Our artisan hand-smoked seafood is 100% natural and 100% preservative free. Try our delicious manuka hot-smoked salmon, kingfish, marlin, roe, snapper, trevally, mullet, eel and patés.


Our smoked products are produced with care in our manuka-fired smokehouse at our Coopers Beach property – we tend it every hour to ensure the highest quality product and superior taste. We use only local herbs and wood materials – all natural, no preservatives.

Apatu Aqua’s smoked seafood products are all packaged in random weight bags varying from 100gm to 350gm. Vacuum-packed, they have a shelf life of 28 days, and are naturally delicious. We can also supply loose smoked fish that has a shelf life of 7 days.


Our patés are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to mass-produced dips. Apatu Aqua’s patés are made in small batches, to order, to ensure freshness and consistency of flavour. With no added preservatives, these moreish patés have a shelf life of 14 days (although we doubt that they’ll stay in your fridge that long!)

Choose from Smoked Eel, Smoked Fish, Smoked Salmon & Herb, or our innovative and accessible award winning Kina Paté.

Try our fresh fish, eel, kina and scallops – we catch, process, package and chill using the ‘2 hour policy’. Our fresh seafood is packed on ice, and can be delivered around New Zealand (see our ‘ORDER’ page).

Des Harris Clooney

Des Harris Clooney – Cuisine NZ Chef of the Year 2013 NZ

Q: “What do you like about Apatu Aqua Manuka Smoked Eel?”

A: “I like its meatiness, tenderness & flavour – not too smokey. In the past I have served it natural, but my favorite technique is to make a flavorful stock from all the trimmings & skin. I reduce this & add a dash of soy sauce – mirin. I then add a knob of butter & glaze the eel to warm through. The liquor tastes unreal. I have been serving this with smoked duck ham & pickled vegetables.”